Peter Trevelyan - Graphite pencil lead sculptures (2011-12)

Artist’s statement:

"A drawing is a plan, a preliminary visualisation of something to be undertaken in the physical world. Drawing is an ancient technology, a system for postulating, organising and mapping information about the physical world and manipulating it in order to change or affect that world." 


"Patient careful craftsmanship, the slow meticulous creation of form through the assemblage of repeated elements and an interest in the architecture of space are also characteristics of his elegant, refined works, which speak to the world’s structures but also to fragility and ethereality - both practically and metaphorically." 









Extreme close-ups of human eyes by Suren Manvelyan

This just in: Eyes are terrifying.

You can actually see the hole that is our pupils…If eyes are the windows to the soul then people have terrifying black holes for souls

I’m ripping mine out.

this is so cool im gonna scream

holy fuck

This is actually now my favorite post on tumblr. They are absolutely beautiful




GEAR Dreamcast Wristwatch
Import Reissue US$168.90; Shipping in June 2013

To celebrate the demise of the Dreamcast, Sega Direct re-releases the Dreamcast wristwatch that was originally sold on D-Direct many moons ago. A silver-colored DC console shell houses the timepiece with a lid that flips upwards by pressing the “eject” button on the lower left side of the console. When a stranger on the street stops you and asks, “Please sir, what time is it?” flick your wrist up, nudge open the DC watch with a gentle tap and impress the stranger with the magnificence of shiny² Dreamcast time telling. With newfound admiration, the stranger will cast his eyes upon you and regard you as a gentleman, a scholar, and a connoisseur of only the finest things that this mortal coil can provide. He will also whisper, “Bravissimo…” in a raspy voice filled with awe.

Preorders ship in late June 2013

…Sure, Sega. Taunt me with awesomeness that I can’t afford.